us flagOur main goal is to help young men and young women, high school dropped out of all ethnic backgrounds to earn their HS Diploma and to be on their way to self-sufficiency through the educational avenue.  We hope to take this program around the world if it is contagious enough. If it is contagious enough, then we’ll get enough hands and financial support to take it to other parts of the world.

The two girls below are among the recipients of Help Me Too Foundation Scholarship

  1. We start with ESOL with those in need to improve the reading and math skills
  2. High School Equivalent Assessment is given to those who dropped out to determine their academic strength
  3. Those eligible to pursue the High School diploma will also be given an academic career/Entrepreneurship assessment as well
  4. Based on the result of the assessment, each individual is placed in a career program of their choice while pursuing

    their completing their HS Diploma. We satisfy this program through the financial help and volunteer supports of those who care.

  1.  Scholarship to high school dropped out encouraging them to earn their High School Diploma for either college or a better job
  2. Those who graduated from HS will also receive a Scholarship to either a college or a tech school
  3. To those we cannot provide scholarship to, will most probably qualify for Bus Pass or Book scholarship


bus pass