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Flag_of_HaitiIn Haiti we provide…

a rich culture to everyone who wants to enjoy it. Wants to learn the Creole language? No problem! The richness of Haitian culture is found when you can speak Kreole and connected to new friends. The real key with learning a language – particularly the Kreole is to speak it everyday.

How to Learn Haitian Creole Free?

This is a list of ways you can begin learning the kreole language for free.

  1. Watch lots of free creole video clips on YouTube.

  2. Study your way through the free Sweet Coconuts Blog

  3. Read Wikipedia in Creole + Google translate

  4. Follow along in the Creole Bible while listening to the Haitian Talking Bible

  5. Use the free resources from HaitiHub

  6. Download the free language guides from the University of Kansas

Below are some of the best paid resources you can enjoy. I am a native but I’ve used some of them too.

  • Byki Mobile App – It’s a flash card program with native audio pronunciation. The download is free then you pay around $8 to unlock the language vocabulary. Some very common French phrases are inluded by mistake, but most everything I’ve learned has helped. This is a quick and cheap way to get started right away.

  • Haiti Hub Online Course – It’s an interactive learning program complete with tests and various listening exercises. This provides excellent listening practice. After the course I had the foundations to really start speaking and growing my skills. The cost is $129 for the beginning 16 modules.

  • Pimsleur Audio Program – The all listening method to acquire a new language. Most of the dialogue from this system is now reflexive for me when speaking. That’s a great benefit, I only wish they had more than the first phase of 30 lessons. I bought the version for Audible. $79

  • Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria – This Facebook group is a wonderful free resource for beginners and advanced learners. Gloria offers private tutoring through her program via Skype. The lessons are more expensive, but you get instant feedback and personal interaction. If you’re serious about learning Creole, it’s worth the investment.

Some other ways you can improve your Kreole language skills.

  • Personal Tutor – We have live classes at our school in Orlando.

  • Practice with a Kreole speaking person daily if possible.

  • Haitian Creole Video on YouTube – I’ve found Joel Trimble most helpful.

  • Listening & Reading the Bible – I listen to the online narration and read along with this Creole / English interlinear. This has been a real boost to my ability to read aloud in Creole with less of an American accent.

  • Online Resource List – There are many more quality materials available online.

If you’re ready to get started – watch this video from Haiti Hub with 20 useful words you can learn right away.

Use the free resources from HaitiHub