“How can I personally help financially?” you asked.

Help us to help the children
Help us to help the children

Your monthly donations  help save many lives.

Your gift each month helps HMTF  save children’s lives by keeping administrative costs about 5%. It is an easy and affordable way for individuals to make their support go further and save even more lives.

Benefits of the Monthly Giving Program

The monthly giving program feed and educate the children. We help them grow to be self-reliant

Monthly gifts provide HMTF:

  • A steady and predictable source of income
  • Monthly income substantially lower administrative costs and benefits the children more
  • Monthly income will provide year around protection to children in desperate need

Benefits of monthly giving to our supporters:

  • Monthly donations go further to help even more children
  • Monthly donations provide you with the ability to increase, decrease or cancel your pledge whenever you wish with no question ask
  • You’ll be part of a select group of caring individuals who are helping to save children’s lives
  • You will receive an annual statement to assist in tax preparation
  • Choose the amount you wish yo donate:
  • Sponsor one child with one $1.00  per day
  • Sponsor one child for 12 months $360.00
  • Sponsor two children per month $60.00
  • Sponsor one child for 24 months $720.00
  • Sponsor three children per month $90.00
  • Sponsor two children for 12 months $1440. 00
  • Sponsor four children per month $120.00
  • Sponsor two children for 24 months $2880.00

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