Our Vision: is to provide the disadvantaged children and youths with the skills and resources that will help them become “ a whole individual” (academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and psychologically”), which will allow them to fulfill their potential as productive citizens in society.  We want to teach them how to catch their own fish eventually.

Help Me Too Foundation’s Mission centers around “Five Main Life Components”:

Nutrition=survival to good health and endurance

Health=survival to good life and happiness

Education=survival to a brighter future

Shelter=survival to protection

Clothing=survival to high self-esteem

Objectives and Description

This organization designed to help children and youth who are orphans by either one or both parents to achieve their goal of education and sustainable life through the “Five Main Life Components.

Nutrition: Since no children can learn on an empty stomach, HMTF will provide them with USDA regulated nutritional mean three times a day, (nutrition is the key to the cognitive development and success to learning). 

Health: A healthy body and mind is a prerequisite for learning.  HMTF will provide free physical exams to children, youths, and parents to ensure good health to sustain their ability to learn. 

Education: We want to give each children and youth an opportunity to complete primary education free of charge and a trade leading to a self-sustaining life.

Shelter: Battling discouragement and depression is a constant struggle for children and their families who do not have their own shelter over their heads. Worrying about where they are going to spend the night, rain or shine, hinders their ability to learn, therefore, HMTF’s future goals are to build dormitory structures where families live and have a safe secure shelter.

Adequate Clothing: most children, youths, and families we serve outside the US lack adequate clothing. This lack of adequate clothing not only hinders them from attending school, but also destroys their self-esteem. We will eliminate that by providing students with uniforms and other adequate clothing.