Words are not enough to say how excited we are about this ministry.  There have been so many things that have happened in my lives to bring me to this point in my lives.

My name is Ted Ridoré, born in Jacmel, Haiti but raised in Port-au-Prince until the age 22 when God carried me on the wings of an eagle to the United States. I had less than a first grade education, but I’ve been in school for life.

I was born black in a black family © so I became the black sheep of the family. As a result, education was not afforded to me due to ignorance and prejudice. I’ve learned how to read and write through the good heart of good missionary.

I had no one to hold my hands and help me walk. There was No father, brothers nor sisters to protect and play with. There was no big brother to teach me bad or good stuff, or to fight for me or with me. I had no one to cry and run to when friends bottomed or beaten me up.

I believe one way to help a child walk is to hold him or her by the hands and guide their steps. I decided to do just that for disadvantage children in Orlando and in Haiti. In Haiti, we provide free school, a hot meal a day, clothes, and many other services to over 400 underprivileged children.

We have to pay the place to house the school and the teachers. Most teachers get less than $100.00 a month to teach 20-40 kids. Anyone is welcome to visit and see with the eyes the need.

If you have a heart, you simply cannot stand with your arms crossed. You must do something! Donate and volunteer!